Cage Fitness

Cage Fitness is a fun full body workout designed for people at all levels of fitness.

Cage Fitness™ is a fun full body workout designed for busy people who want to get in the best shape of their lives. Elite Gym is proud to be the only officially licensed location to run Cage Fitness™ in Norfolk. Designed and tested by nine time welterweight champion, Matt Hughes, this workout is like nothing you have ever seen before. This 30 minute, ‘five round’ workout is based on the structure of an MMA main event fight, and targets all areas of the body with cardio, flexibility and strength training.

Whether you are in great shape wanting to keep fit, just starting to work out OR if this is part of a past or present goal, Cage Fitness™ is the perfect combination of fitness and fun. Your workout will include five rounds of five minute workout intervals that are specifically designed to help tone, sculpt, strengthen muscles and improve overall fitness levels. The workouts will involve using the Cage Fitness™ patented grappling dummy, which is exclusive to Cage Fitness™ licensed facilities. This grappling dummy has strategically placed handles for performing the specialised exercises. The combination of cardio and muscle toning workouts are sure to get you in the best shape of your life.

Customise Your Workout

The best part about Cage Fitness™ is that you can customize your workout by adjusting the intensity level to best suit your personal fitness goals. Each 5 minute round incorporates both aerobic and anaerobic exercises that will help you maximize burning fat while also gaining muscle. This system of training is going to allow you to burn more calories while increasing your metabolism.

The After-burn Effect

Just one of the many benefits of our classes, the After-burn effect happens when you take the body out of its comfort zone during an intense workout. By doing so, it will continue to burn additional calories the rest of the day to get back in balance. So, yes, even if you are sitting around after your workout, your body will continue to burn calories!

Special Offer

*** bring a friend for a free trial. If they sign up to Cage Fitness at Elite Gym, then you will receive an Cage Fitness Tee worth £15.00

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need prior workout experience?

No. Unlike other fitness classes where an instructor is leading a group of people through various exercises at a certain pace, Cage Fitness™ allows everyone to go at their own pace. Your only competition, is you.

Do I need to know martial arts?

No, not at all. Our classes incorporate martial arts strikes and is based on training used by MMA (mixed martial arts) fighters. MMA athletes are considered to have accomplished the highest levels of fitness for their sport, as such Cage Fitness™ was created to get people into the best shape of their lives without having to train in MMA. This makes Cage Fitness not only one of the best workouts one can get, but also challenging and fun.

Do these classes involve fighting?

No, there is no fighting whatsoever. In fact, there is no contact in Cage Fitness™ or working with any partners either. This is a fitness class and not martial arts training.

How long are the classes?

Cage Fitness was designed to get maximum results in a short space of time. The class is 30 minutes long, which consists of 5, 5 minute rounds with a minute rest in between rounds. If you want to keep fit but struggle to find the time, Cage Fitness™ is perfect as it’ll only take up half an hour of your day.

Membership Costs

- £39 per month

- £3.50 pay as you go

Elite Gym Members:

Free to attend for all existing Elite members

* All classes are subject to availability.