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While an MMA gym can seem like an imposing place, Elite Gym is a friendly environment for new people to take up the sport. We have a variety of classes tailored for all levels geared towards all specific aspects of MMA. No matter your background or fitness/skill level everyone is welcome, and we boast a great, friendly, team atmosphere.

Whether looking to compete, or just to improve your fitness, body composition, confidence, to increase self-confidence, manage stress, learn self-defence, make new friends. Training in any of the disciplines we offer can be an engaging and rewarding past time.

MMA | BJJ | Wrestling

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is the world fastest growing sport. It is a full contact sport that involves the use of strikes and grappling techniques.

The routes of MMA can be traced as far back as ancient Greece when the sport known as pankration featured a combination of grappling and striking skills similar to those found in modern MMA. Vale Tudo (Portuguese for “anything goes”) dates back to the 1920’s in Brazil and brought later to the USA by the Gracie family. In Japan Shoot-style wrestling shows lead to the formation of PRIDE FC.

In 1993 The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) came about and grew in to what we now know as the biggest MMA organisation in the world.

Contests are usually fought over 3 x 5-minute rounds (5 for title fights) and can be won via either a knockout/technical knockout, referee stoppage, submission (verbal or physically tapping the matt or the opponent), decision, retirement (a fighter being too exhausted or not wanting to continue between rounds), doctors’ stoppage or via disqualification.

Elite Gym Is Norwich’s premier MMA gym, here at Elite Gym we pride ourselves on excelling across all the individual disciplines required to succeed in the sport (more information under each martial art) and have many experienced fighters and trainers coaching here.

Often regarded as “the game of human chess” Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is a form of ground fighting, which emphasizes advancing/defending dominant positions, control of the opponent and submissions/chokes.

BJJ promotes the concept that a smaller, weaker person can successfully defend themselves against a bigger, stronger, heavier person by using proper technique and leverage. Consequently, it is considered one of the best martial arts for self-defence.

BJJ has had a rapid evolution, from its beginning it evolved from Japanese jujutsu and was revolutionised by the late Helio Gracie and then passed on down generations of the Gracie family.

In 1993, Royce Gracie entered the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 1 and quickly showed the effectiveness of grappling against other martial arts when he defeated 3 challengers in just over 5 minutes. As a result, grappling has become a necessary component in the arsenal of every mixed martial arts fighter.

After fighters started to train against submissions many pure BJJ practitioners have limited success in MMA, many ambassadors of no-gi BJJ theorize that the problem was that Brazilian jiu-jitsu was overly reliant on the GI (using control of the GI for submissions and control). To continue to move BJJ forward and to keep it competitive in MMA the style of no-gi BJJ (without wearing the traditional kimono uniform) that we see in todays MMA competitions evolved.

There are many forms of wrestling, freestyle along with Greco-Roman, are two of the styles of wrestling contested in the Olympic games.

Wrestling is trained in MMA to dictate where the fight takes place, if a striker wishes to keep the fight striking then they must be able to defend against takedowns in order to do so. Conversely if a grappler or BJJ fighter wants to use their superior ground fighting ability they need to get their opponent to the ground.

Some fighters such as the early Chuck Lidell and Jon Jones (both former UFC champions) became known for their striking ability but also their ability to keep the fight standing using ‘negative wrestling defence’ from their high school wrestling pedigree.

Other fighters such as Randy Couture, Sean Sherk, Tito Ortiz and Cain Velasquez (again, all former UFC champions) have been known for their ability to take their opponents down and dominate with ground and pound.

Former Pride FC champion Dan Henderson and UFC light heavyweight and heavyweight champion (simultaneously) Daniel Cormier are both former Olympic wrestlers.

Muay Thai | K1 | Boxing

Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand, often called the art of eight limbs. Muay Thai fighters strike with their fists, elbows, knees and legs. As well as engaging in standing grappling called ‘the clinch’.

Muay Thai as a form of striking and stand up fighting has grown in popularity. Muay Thai is now a highly regarded striking base for MMA. MMA fighters such as Anderson Silva, Shogun Rua, Wanderlei Silva, Cowboy Cerrone, Thiago Silva, Gina Carano, Cyborg and many others (including many champions) have used and show high level Muay Thai to win MMA fights and UFC championship titles.

K1 – K1 rules kickboxing consists of punches, knees (with 3 seconds or 1 strike from clinch) and kicks. Unlike American sport kickboxing kicks below the waist (to the thigh) are legal. Most modern kickboxing organisations (such as Glory) favour the K1 rules set due to the exciting high pace fights it produces.

Muay Thai / K1 classes are great for anyone looking to build confidence, improve strength and flexibility, lose weight, increase their fitness, learn self-defence or to compete in either Thai boxing, K1 or MMA bouts.

Boxing is of the largest multibillion dollar sports today, Well known throughout the world, boxing has become very popular for the amazing fitness benefits it can offer. Whether to lose weight, get in shape or to blow of some steam, boxing is a great workout.

Boxing is a great martial art to learn for those wishing to compete in MMA and many fighters at the top level utilise boxing techniques to win their bouts.

Often referred to as the sweet science, the true artistry in boxing is to hit and not get hit, using only punches boxing bouts show some beautiful displays of skills and precision.

Boxers use a wide array of punches including the jab, cross (often called the backhand), hooks, uppercuts and body shots. Defensive techniques used to evade, or block punches include: slipping, bobbing, weaving, ducking, parrying and blocking.

Boxing classes at Elite gym are great for anyone looking to compete in either boxing, MMA or Muay Thai/k1, or just to take advantage of all the great things training in this sport can offer.

Our Wrestling classes are held at Elite Gym every other Sunday, by experienced x3 Catch Wrestling British Champion Graham Yates, with over 40 years experience in both Olympic (Greco-Roman and Freestyle) and Lancashire Catch styles.

  • Greco Roman allows attacks above the waist only
  • Freestyle allows upper and lower body attaches
  • Catch allows upper and lower body attacks plus all submissions

Graham will ensure your technique is matched by your understanding of the principles of the sport to enable you to adapt and evolve your takedown, control and submission game. An important part of the lesson will be physical fitness and conditioning drills - this will be a fun class and also hard work!