The Regency Cage

Premier Training Facility in Norwich Unveils the Regency Cage


Elite Gym is the premier training facility in Norwich - a dedicated fight gym covering Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Muay Thai, K-1 and Boxing. The facility caters for complete beginners to experienced Pro fighters.

Steve Newman and Nik Aspden are passionate about Combat Sports and passionate about business - they have merged these two passions together to create this top of the range facility, with a packed timetable and a team of the best and most dedicated coaches teaching a wide range of combat sports.

The Elite Gym Boxing Ring

Home to profression boxers, white collar boxers and boxers who are boxing for charity events.

The boxing ring is currently a blank canvas, it will make for an excellent opportunity to advertise your business throughout the year.

Speak with Steve or Nik about sponsorship opportunities.