Following government advice and to encourage everyone to stay home, we have temporarily closed our gym as of 16th March 2020, until further notice. Current pay monthly members will have their memberships frozen during this time. Please keep an eye on our website and social media pages for updates.

In the meantime, to help you stay fit at home, you will be able to access free virtual Cage Fitness classes from April. Click Here! for more information and to register (please bare in mind the timings to choose from on the link are EDT (Eastern Time) - UK are 5 hours ahead of this).

Mixed Martial Arts

In the hearT OF NORWICH

Elite Gym is Norwich’s premier training facility for MMA, Muay Thai, K-1, Boxing, and BJJ (more information on each martial art can be found in the classes section of the website)

We offer a top of the range facility with everything you need! A packed timetable with lots of different classes to fit around your schedule, experienced and knowledgeable coaches and great deals on membership or pay as you go options!


Group Sessions or Private Tuition

Suitable for complete beginners and those with experience in MMA or other martial arts


This session consists of a mixture of striking, takedowns and ground and pound. It will cover combinations and techniques commonly utilized in MMA such as punches, kicks, knees and elbows. Takedown techniques and drills, and NO GI BJJ. Including sparring for the last 30 minutes of the session (optional) which could be rolling (grapple sparring) or striking/wrestling.

Muay Thai | K1

Suitable for all levels this class will cover all the strikes that are incorporated in to k1 and Muay Thai. A mixture of punches, kicks, elbows and knees. Includes partner combinations work, drills and counters. Those who are more advanced and complete beginners can both take from this class and it is formatted to accommodate for all.

Boxing | Sparring

Sparring is a great way to put to practice all the techniques learn in class against an opponent, this is a class with supervised technical sparring to allow you to practise the skills you have learnt in your boxing training, as always, our trainers supervise to ensure that you practise safely and safely.

Head gear is not compulsory but it available and provided by the gym for those who wish to. A gumshield and either 14 ounce or 16 ounce gloves are compulsory and we have club equipment for you to use (except gumshields) and equipment that can be bought on site or ordered at a discounted rate through our affiliates.

All Classes: Monday through Saturday

Even fighters rest on Sunday

Muay Thai | All Levels

We have all the equipment here for you to use, and if you would like your own equipment you can order through the gym via our affiliates at a discounted price for you. Technical sparring is included in the last 30 minutes of the class and as always is completely optional. You will not be expected to take part in any sparring sessions until/if you are ready, and you’re welcome to come in and speak with your trainer before sessions if you have any concerns at all.

MMA - BJJ | All Levels

This class is for all levels and will focus on the wrestling aspect of MMA, including takedowns (such as double leg, single leg, high crotch, ankle pick etc.) how to set up your takedowns with strikes, how to defend against takedowns, when to shoot a takedown. How to work up when you’ve been taken down. Ground and pound (the term used for striking whilst on the floor seen in MMA competition) and how to defend.p>

Boxing | All Levels

After a warmup a student will be supervised shadow boxing and helped by one of our instructors, students will pair up for technique and partner work, bag work, Sparring (conditional and open, and of course optional) fitness and a cool down. Boxing classes at Elite gym are great for anyone looking to compete in either boxing, MMA or Muay Thai/k1, or just to take advantage of all the great things training in this sport can offer.